Monday, March 12, 2012

Springing forward into an amazing you!

Made to Crave – Day 12

This past weekend we had to “spring forward” our clocks. We lost an hour of sleep but gained an hour more of daylight. Some people don’t like it when we have to change our clocks in the spring but when fall comes and we get to set them back everyone is happy to do it. I on the other hand don’t mind changing the clocks. An extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day is worth the hour of sleep I lose!

To me “springing forward” is a way of letting go of the darkness of winter and saying “hello” to spring with a smile and a big wave. Last Friday as I was driving to work I saw my first robin of spring. This is huge for me! Starting in mid-February I start to look for robins. Robins are a sign of spring in Iowa and in other parts of the country. Robins are only around in the spring and summer and by fall they leave town for warmer areas down south.

Spring is a great time to “spring forward” in to eating healthier. It’s time to uncover our grills, set out our deck furniture and make a pitcher of ice tea. I know we could get that occasional spring blizzard but I like to be positive and think that old man winter has decided to go into hibernation for the next few months.

The produce sections at the grocery stores are starting to have more choices in fruits and vegetables and the farmers markets will soon be setting up shop. This is the time to check out some new recipes for dinner or desserts that are lower in fat and calories. Bookstores, internet and the library are good resources to find new and exciting recipes in cookbooks, magazines and T.V. shows.

It’s also time to spring forward in our thinking and outlook of who we are and what we want. Like the robin it’s time to come back home to who God intended us to be. It’s time to set our eyes on the beauty of spring and the beauty which is within us.

In her book “You’re Already Amazing” Holley Gerth writes, “It’s time you knew you’re amazing”. “You smile, laugh awkwardly, glance at the ceiling. “I know, I know,” you reply. “So kind of you to say”. I respond, looking at you more intently. “I mean it’s time you really knew. And there’s more:

• You’re not only amazing.
• You’re enough.
• You’re beautiful.
• You’re wanted.
• You’re chosen.
• You’re called.
• You’ve got what it takes…not just to survive but to change the world.”

You ask, “Who told you that? And I respond, “The only One who really knows – Someone who loves you.”

You are amazing!!


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