Monday, March 5, 2012

Persevering when road blocks stand in your way!

Made to Crave – Day 5

As I checked my emails this morning at work I found one that informed me that the office copier had a problem and I needed to have a technician come and fix it. Of course, before I called the technician I went over to the copier and tried to see if I could fix the problem myself. Unfortunately, it was something I couldn’t do and so I called to have the technician come. The only problem was that I needed to make a few copies and found that my, to do list now had a road block placed in it. Before I could file anything, I needed to make copies and I couldn’t make copies because the copier wasn’t working. At first I found myself agitated and then aggravated. How was I going to get my work done when the one piece of office equipment I needed wasn’t working? I suddenly felt as if my morning routine was at a stand-still. I found myself sitting at my desk with nothing to do until I realized that just because a road block had been placed in my morning to do list, didn’t mean there wasn’t anything else I could do. I decided to look through my other emails, the calendar and notes that had been left on my desk. Through doing this I found other items I could take care of that didn’t rely on the copier and was able to check off a number of items on my to do list and tackle items that I didn’t think I would have time to do but now realized I did. When we find road blocks in our way we need to see if there isn’t something else we could be doing until the road block is removed or even try to work around it.

One road block that can stop us in our tracks is when we have had all our meals planned out and then someone calls and invites us out to dinner. This can cause anxiety and stress unless we can find away to work around the road block and enjoy an evening out with friends. Don’t let this stop you from continuing on your journey. There are many things you can do to help you when you are faced with this road block. If the restaurant has a website check to see if their menu is on line and decide before you go what you are going to order. If the menu isn’t on line than eat an apple and drink a glass of water before you go so that you aren’t hungry when you arrive. Tell yourself that it isn’t about the food you will eat but the people you will be spending time with. Don’t make food the focus but the conversation and fellowship you will be enjoying.

“You know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work.” (James 1:3-4a)

Thought for the Day (from the Made to Crave devotional) – Between any trial and the blessing that comes from that trial, there is a pathway I must walk – that pathway is perseverance.


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