Saturday, March 3, 2012

Obeying or Wandering

Made to Crave – Day 3

Obeying God - It should be so easy, a no brainer, you shouldn’t even have to think twice about it. But why is it so hard to obey God when it is so easy to obey everything and everyone else? I’ve heard people explain it by saying, “I’m only human” or “God understands, he’s the one who made me”. But is that how we should be thinking or feeling?

When Moses and the Israelites set out for the promise land, God gave them Ten Commandments. Just ten, so how hard could that have been? I mean, here they were promised a land filled with milk and honey. A land given to them by God to keep them safe and to give them everything they needed. All they needed to do was follow God’s commandments and it would be all theirs.

A trip that should have taken them a small amount of time, turned into 40 years of wandering. 40 years wasted in a wasteland. 40 years that took its toll on them. 40 years of deaths and births in a dry and barren land. God gave them enough food or manna and water when they needed it to sustain them, but they could have had the milk and honey a lot sooner only if they had obeyed God. Instead they looked to others and manmade idols to obey and worship.

When we look to others for acceptance or approval, or to the scale to make us feel good about ourselves, we are no longer obeying God. We are like the Israelites wandering in a wasteland of dislike, disapproval and dismay. Instead of looking to others or objects, turn your face to God and he will give you everything you need.

So the next time you get on the scale and the number isn’t what you expected, ask yourself these questions:

1. Did I overeat this week on any day?
2. Did I move more and exercise regularly?
3. Did I eat in secret or out of anger or frustration?
4. Did I feel that, at any time, I ran to food instead of to God?

If you answered no to these questions don’t worry! You need to define yourself by your obedience, not a number on the scale. Keep continuing on this journey and God will help you reach your goal.

“Peter and the other apostle replied: We must obey God rather than human beings!” (Acts 5:29)

Thought for the day (from the Made to Crave devotional) – “I must obey God rather than the scale!”


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  1. "When we look . . . to the scale to make us feel good about ourselves, we are no longer obeying God."

    That nails it my friend. Ouch!

    Made to Crave! Good stuff! Devoured the book last year --- I may need a refresher course. (smile)