Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finding love in all the wrong places

Made to Crave – Day 6

It’s hard to stay on this path of eating healthy and exercising. Did I hear an “Amen” from some of you? It’s so easy to step off and wander away. And when we do, it is even that much harder to step back on and follow, especially when we go to food for love. How many of us as children, when we were hurt, sad or sick, did our parents or grandparents give us something to eat to help us feel better? As adults we use the same reasoning. "I don’t feel good but I bet ice cream and french fries will make me feel better." "My heart is broken so I better have that pizza to heal it." "Let’s go out to eat I’m too tired to cook and it’s been a really bad day."

Do any of those statements sound familiar? I’ve said all of them and a whole lot more!! The trouble with turning to food for love is that food can’t love us back. Did you get that? Food can’t love us back. When we overeat it makes us feel even worse. It causes us to feel discouraged, to be more stressed and to be ashamed of what we have done and how we look.

It is only when we turn to God not food that we are finally able to feel the love we are in need of. What food can’t give us, God can. God’s love never fails, God’s love is patient and God’s love is not based on our performance.

No matter where you are in your struggle with food or losing weight, know that God loves you and you are precious in his sight. God loves you just the way you are. God wants to travel this path with you. He wants to give you the strength and love that you will need to keep you going on this journey. Seek God out and you will find that victory is within your reach.

Thought for the Day (from the Made to Crave devotional) – “We are only one good choice from being back on the path of perseverance. But no matter how far off the path or how long we have been on it, God is patient with us and loves us as a dearly beloved child – part of His family.”


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