Friday, March 9, 2012

Desperate or Determined?

Made to Crave – Day 9

Desperation leads to bad choices if we aren’t careful. It’s those times where we find ourselves desperately searching for something or someone to give us comfort.

When we’ve had a really lousy day at work, our boyfriend, girl friend or spouse has decided to end the relationship, the teacher or principal has called to tell us our child isn’t doing well in school, we lose our job, the bills are piling up, a friend or loved one is ill or passed away, or someone close has betrayed us and we decide that food or alcohol will give us the comfort we need or will take away the stress we are feeling. We tell ourselves that a few chips, candy, ice cream, donuts, cookies, or glass of beer or wine is all that we need to comfort or relieve the stress and we will feel better. And then there are others who will turn to gambling, pornography, drugs or any other behavior that they feel will give them comfort.

Lysa Terkeurst said in her book “Made to Crave”, “We must be aware that desperation breeds degradation. In other words, when what is lacking in life goes from being an annoyance to an anxiety we run the risk of compromising in ways we never thought we would.”

1 Peter 5:7-8 tells us, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Be self-controlled and alert.”

“If we forget to be self-controlled and alert, we are prime targets for Satan to usher us right away from the new standards we’ve set in our life. That’s degradation. Yes, desperation breeds degradation.” (Made to Crave)

So how do we stop ourselves from becoming desperate? We become DETERMINED!! Determined to find other ways to comfort ourselves and protect ourselves from the choices that will lead us to degradation. It’s having a plan ready for those times when the stress, anxiety, ups and downs of life stop us in our tracks. It’s having a friend or two who will hold us accountable to staying away from those choices that are not good for us. Choose friends who you can call on, text or email for support, encouragement or help when desperation starts to creep in to your days or nights. It's turning to God in word and prayer and leaning on Him for the strength we need to have self-control.

Be determined to be all that you can. God created you for so much more and wants you to have a life that brings fulfillment to you and glory to Him.


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