Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Does God See Us?

My son's school now has a software program that enables the parents to view their children's daily grades, attendance, assignments and missed assignments. It is a great tool for both the teachers and parents, but I am sure for some students, my son included, it isn't very appreciated. While I was looking over my son's information, it got me to thinking about something.

What if God had a software program where you could just click on a computer and it could tell us how we were doing? Maybe it could keep track of the times that we were not friendly to someone, didn't take the time to listen to someone, it could tell us when we gossiped, but at the same time could tell us when we were friendly, how we took the time to help someone, the times when we forgave someone. What would that be like if God kept track for us and then we could see it right there on the screen? Would we really want to see it? Would I be like my son and not always want to know how I have been?

I would hope that there were more times that I was nice and helpful and forgiving, compared to when I was not. I also know that we are not always aware of our actions, words or thoughts, we get so busy in our daily lives that we aren't even aware of how we treat others. We make excuses for our behavior. "I'm tired so it's okay to not be patient", "I've got a lot of work to do so that's why I don't have the time to listen".

Before the new software, kids were able to make excuses about not handing in homework, "the teacher didn't give us an assignment", "I didn't hear the assignment", "I didn't know we had a test". With the new software it is much harder to make those excuses. The information is printed clearly on the screen.

But God doesn't have a software program. It's up to us to monitor our actions, think before we speak, to be forgiving, compassionate, loving and kind. To take the time each day to make a difference in the lives of the people we meet and come in contact with. And maybe, by our actions, we can help others to see who God is.


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