Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Are we ready?

The wind moves outside my window as afternoon begins to turn to evening. I sit with paper, pen and hot tea and think of the future. There is a shift in my being and I know it is the work of the Spirit. It happened this past Sunday in the middle of worship, a feeling of peace, belonging, moving forward in this great plan that God has for us. There was nothing out of the ordinary during worship, but yet a feeling of electricity flowed throughout the sanctuary. Tears began to form in the depths of my eyes as my message came to a close. It wasn't the words that brought the tears but a feeling came over me that a shift in the future of the church had taken place; a rebirth, a restart, a new direction? Only God holds the answer that I pray he will begin to share. It’s a wonderful feeling that I hope doesn't end but continues to grow and blossom. This church isn't dead but has been resurrected and now walks a path of new life in a world where so many have turned their backs on God and the church. Could Rustin Ave. UMC be the new church? With its old stone facade, it’s stained glass windows, peeling paint and echoes of children running the halls between Sunday School and worship, could this be the place that God has chosen to do something more, something extraordinary? As Christians we are all called to continue the work of Jesus. To be the hands and feet of the one who taught, healed and died for our sins. We spend our time looking at the numbers in the pews to define if we are a thriving church, but numbers are only fun if the pews are full. The numbers that truly count are those who have been touched by Jesus outside these church walls as we live out our call as disciples. As we drop our nets and leave the comfort of our sanctuary and take the sometimes uncomfortable steps outside the doors of the church, are we ready to do the work that Jesus has called us to do? Are we ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus? Are we ready to meet the people where they are, to begin those conversations with strangers; those who are lost or discouraged, hungry or homeless, hurt or sick? Are we ready to be the new church?


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