Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm back with the robins!

I know, it has been almost 2 months since I have written on this blog. I'm not sure if it was the weather or just being very busy that I barely had time to sit and read the blogs that I like to follow. Anyway I am back. Partly because I have some wonderful news to share. Drumroll please......I saw my first Robin of spring this morning!!!!!!!!! I go crazy this time of year looking to find my first robin. As I drive I am scouting out the yards while trying hard not to hit the cars parked along the side of the street. I heard a rumor that a couple people had spotted one in the last two weeks so I knew they were around and today was the day. Right there in the middle of three squirrels running in our neighbors yard, stood a big fat orange breasted robin. Luckily I was at a stop sign so I was able to adjust my eyes, blink a few times and take a long look. A robin. A beautiful orange breasted robin standing and staring right back at me as if to say, "Hello. Have you missed me?"
We have had the longest winter on record. The snow started to fall before Christmas and didn't stop until mid February. And then the cold, colder, coldest winds blew in and everything just froze still. Over the last couple of weeks the snow has slowly been melting away and the green grass is finally apprearing. A friend of mine even has tulips popping up alongside her home. We have had huge flocks of geese overhead flying northward. But the sun has not shone it's lovely face for quite some time. That is until this afternoon. By 2pm it poked it's face around a cloud and spread it's rays over the sky. What a beautiful sight.
It is spring. Beautiful, beautiful spring. And yes I know we could get a few more flakes even by this weekend, but today it is spring and I am enjoying every wonderful minute of it. Praise be to God for this wonderful gift of rebirth and renewal.

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