Saturday, January 2, 2010

Packing Up Memories

Today my husband and I took down and put away all the Christmas decorations. What a job! I don't remember it being so bad putting it all up? I guess the excitement of Christmas makes it a lot more fun. When we got to the tree, I wasn't prepared for how sad it would be to separate our daughter Kayla's ornaments from all the others. This was her last Christmas she will be spending at our home. Next year she and Jerod will be married and putting their first Christmas tree up in their first home and all of those beautiful ornaments will hang on their tree. Ballerinas, princesses, cheerleaders, etc... will be missing from our tree. Another box of ornaments packed up and ready to hang on a different tree. When I packed up our oldest daughters ornaments I cried too. All those years of watching them pick out that special ornament. So many memories and a virtual scrapbook of what they were interested in that particular year. Each has their name and year that it was purchased on it.

This new year will again bring changes and learning to adapt to another child beginning a new life away from this home. Change is good. Change helps us grow. But it is those growing pains that hurt so much.

I'm excited for the new life that she will be starting. Being able to watch her become a married woman is gift. This year I will find myself reflecting on all of those years that she was just our little girl. But I am so happy to know that this year there will be many new memories that will be made between mom and daughter as we share these last few months before she is married.



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