Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

I'm sitting here watching "Remembering 9/11" on the History Channel. The same pain, sadness and despair floods over me once again. The video accounts from various people in Manhattan, from being right below the Towers, a block east of the towers and as far as New Jersey bring it all back again. It's the firefighters that bring me to tears. Watching them running towards the burning buildings and wondering as I watch those faces, did any of them make it out?

The sadness of that day will remain with me forever, as it should with all of us. We should never forget. Because if we do, then all of those who died in the planes, who were in the buildings trying to get out and help others to get out and all those rescue workers who perished, will have died in vain. Those who caused this to happen will then have won.

Through the tragedy we have learned that we are a resilient country. We are a country who in a time of hopelessness turned to prayer. We pulled together and prayed for those we never met. We sent messages of love wrapped in care packages and quilts made by people from all over this country.

9/11 is not just a day of tragic loss but a day that we as Americans may look back on with hope and strength knowing that we faced evil in the face and we did not let it break us.

May God bless the families, friends and co-workers whose lives were taken so suddenly and horrifically from them. May God bless all of us as we continue to heal from the tragedy of that day.


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