Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me!! I think it's okay to say Happy Birthday to yourself? I don't say it to "toot my own horn" but it is a marvelous day when you reach another birthday. I'm 45 today and feel very blessed that I have not had any major health issues in my life. I've watched friends go through cancer treatments, surgeries and chronic health concerns over the past few years. I thank God everyday for my health but I am always aware that it could change in a flash. So I'm not taking this birthday for granted. I'm still walking this earth for a reason and I know that God knows what that is. It's this journey that I am on and every morning it starts with that first step when I leave my warm, comfy, cozy bed. It's the journey that helps me get through each day praising God and trying my hardest to love my neighbor (every neighbor). My wish for this next year is to walk on the path that God is leading me on. Making every day count. I want the people that I meet to see Jesus in me. His loving, non-judgmental, forgiving, patient presence.
May your next birthday bring you good health, God's presence and the reassurance of God's forgiving, non-judging, loving presence in your life as well.

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